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Years of Research

About Migraine Relief Method

Our Innovative Approach

The Migraine Relief Method utilizes functional medicine principles and meticulous laboratory findings to assess the biochemical needs of your cells. Providing insight into your food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental chemical exposures, the method targets these fixable factors and supplements your body's requirements, aiding in decreasing migraine occurrences.

Why We Are Unique
Our approach seeks to provide solution-oriented care by identifying and addressing your body's unique needs, ranging from nutrient absorption to cellular response modulation. Both diet and environmental factors are thoroughly investigated to cut down on your triggering causes, leading to fewer migraine episodes.
Our program is developed based on 18+ years of investigative research and clinical experience, and it continuously evolves with the latest findings in the medical and scientific literature. We’re committed to making our knowledge and resources accessible to all who seek migraine relief.
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Our Program

Structure of Our Program

Our migraine relief program operates on a three-pronged approach focusing on various critical areas in your lifestyle and environment that directly affect your susceptibility to migraines.

Nutrient Focus

The program highlights the importance of cells' biochemical needs, particularly how nutrient deficiencies can multiply the frequency of migraines. We use laboratory analysis to identify your specific nutritional needs in order to regulate your body’s responses more effectively.

Dietary Investigation

Food intolerances and sensitivities not only trigger migraines but they also often exacerbate migraine severity and frequency, and as such, dietary choices form a core part of our program. We’ll help you understand how different food chemicals and diets can affect your susceptibility to migraines.

Environmental Testing

Environmental toxins and chemicals are often overlooked migraine culprits. Our program investigates aspects of your environment that might be contributing to your migraine occurrences, including possible genetic predispositions to certain environmental factors.

Personalized Care

We understand that each individual’s needs are different, therefore, we provide personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs and factors that may be causing your migraines, leading to effective, long-term results.

Consistent Assessment

Regular assessment forms an integral part of our program. We keep track of progress and measure the effectiveness of different techniques so that modifications can be made to the treatment approach when necessary.

Practical Tips

Our method equips you with practical strategies, knowledge, and insights that empower you to manage your migraines more effectively. From diet, nutrient tracking, to religiously observing your environment, these tips can be easily incorporated into your daily life.


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